Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Candles


Once again I apologise for not posting very often, I'm going to try and post more frequently.

I would say autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I love the hot drinks, warm jumpers and just the general cosiness (is that a word?!). So I am going to talk about three of my favourite candles for this time of year.


Vanilla Chai is one of my favourite scents from Yankee candle. I can't burn this candle for too long as it is quite strong, but it fills my room with such a lovely autumn scent.

This is another favourite candle of mine, as the name of it suggests, it is quite a cool berry scent, which I really like, it's also not too strong either. Another factor I like about this candle is the shape, I just think it looks very pretty in my room.

This last candle is from a local shop of mine, but I'm sure if you search it they will show up. This candle smells like apple crumble, which I love a lot! I also love the packaging, the little heart on the lid is so cute! I highly recommend these candles.

Thank-you for reading!