Friday, 28 November 2014

Makeup Revolution and MUA Haul


Today I shall be sharing with you some products I ordered online from superdrug.

First I picked up two palettes from MUA, 'Undressed'(bottom) and the 'Ever After' matte palette (top).

They both have great pigmentation for the price, at only £4 each! I am looking forward to trying these out.

Next I got two MUA blushes, in 'Bon Bon' (left) and 'Cupcake' (right).

These again seem very good quality and I can't wait to try them!

I also bought three vivid baked blushes from Makeup Revolution, left to right, 'Bang Bang You're Dead', 'Hard Day' and 'All I Think About Is You'. These are amazing! They remind me so much of the Mac MSF's. I love them!

Then I got a Makeup Revolution vivid baked highlighter in 'Golden Lights'. This, again, is such good quality and has incredible lasting power.

Last but not least I bought one of the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks in 'Passion'. I had not previously owned a red lipstick, but I wanted to try one, and this is very pretty.

Thankyou for reading! Have you tried any MUA or Makeup Revolution products? What did you think? 


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