Friday, 30 January 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection


Today I am sharing my MAC lipstick collection with you! MAC is definitely my favourite brand for lipsticks, the colour range is incredible and the pigmentation and quality in general is just great.
My collection is not the biggest as I have 6, but I love the ones I own and have my eye on a few more!


Snob, this is a purple toned pink and is quite difficult to wear, this was the first MAC lipstick I got many years ago now. I don't actually wear this colour all that much but I'm going to try and make it work in the spring/summer.

Speak Louder, this is a beautiful bright pink without being too bright, if that makes sense! Again I think this colour will be worn a lot in the summer time.

Crosswires, I first heard about this shade from Essie Button on YouTube and I fell in love! It is such a pretty coral shade with a hint of pink. This is lovely for the warmer weather.

Plumful, I got this shade once again because of Essie Button, she made me want all her favourites! This is a plum colour and is great for autumn/winter time. I think this has to be my favourite!

Faux, this is a very Kylie Jenner lip colour, and I love this shade! Faux is the only nude I have from MAC and makes me want to try more!

Lovelorn, this is a very pretty pink. I got this colour last month and I am loving it so far, I also think this will be lovely for spring/summer!

Thankyou for reading, do you have any lipsticks you think I should add to my collection? I would love to hear!


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