Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Clothing/Accessories Summer Wishlist ♥

Hello! :)

With it almost being summer I thought I would put together a summer wishlist!
So here are some things that I would love for the hotter (hopefully!) months:

1. ASOS Lace Playsuit, £25
- This playsuit is so cute! I'm very into this shade of green at the moment and I love the lace detail.

2. ASOS Straw Trilby Hat, £10
- I am definitely going to buy a hat like this for the summer, it would be very handy to have and I really like this style of hat.

3. River Island High Wasted Shorts, £28
- These shorts would just be very useful to have for casual days and they would go with almost anything!

4. River Island Heeled Jelly Shoes, £22
- I just LOVE these shoes! I'm so glad that jelly shoes have made a come back!

5. New Look Floral Hair Garland, £4.99
- I love wearing flower head bands in summer, I just think they are so cute!

6. ASOS Daisy Print Dress, £38
- This dress looks so comfortable and easy to wear, I just love this!

7. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses, £10
- Cat Eye Sunglasses are my favourite thing ever. I love that they are matte black and are quite simple.

8. Palm Tree Skater Dress, £14.99
- This dress, again, looks very comfy and easy to wear, I love the palm tree print too!

Thank-you for reading my wishlist!



  1. I absolutely love the shorts and the cateye sunglasses!!

    I've tagged you to do the Closet Confidential tag over on my blog! :)

    Hannah x

  2. I also want a pair of high waisted shorts! The problem I have with purchasing high waisted shorts is that they are advertised as "high waisted" but when you try them on they aren't really. I think I may have an unusually long torso but I found that Urban Outfitters has really good quality high waisted shorts/jeans. They are more pricer around $40 CAD but they are so much more worthwhile!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from